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Serenely gliding along rural waterways, Nooit Volmaakt offers the ultimate voyage of discovery. A lock-keeper's stone house with brightly coloured flowers, hilltop church spires in the distance, fields brimming with sunflowers and wheat, traditional mosiac-tiled roofs in tiny villages - these are the pastoral scenes of rural France uniquely accessed by Nooit Volmaakt.

You'll enjoy a warm atmosphere with family and friends with ever-changing panoramas along the canals - an experience you'll savour for years to come.

Nooit Volmaakt offers private charters for four guest crew in two private cabins at opposite ends of the barge. Our standard cruise is five nights, starting on a Monday and concluding the following Saturday. In our experience this is the perfect cruise - long enough to really relax and enjoy it; short enough to leave you wanting more!

We 're also pleased to customize your trip - please contact us so that we can work together on a cruise that works with your travel itinerary. 


We avoid rigid schedules, but usually get underway soon after breakfast and proceed at a gentle pace along the canal. You can join us in the wheelhouse, relax on reclining chairs on deck or walk alongside the barge. Perhaps you'll sit on the foredeck where the only sounds are the chorus of birds and whisper of water slipping past the bow. Bicycles are always available for further exploration of the lush Burgundian countryside.

Stopping for the day by 1400h or 1500h allows for time for you to explore ashore, compare restaurant menus, visit a historic site or explore a medieval market town.


The two private cabins, at opposite ends of the barge, include what we like to find in a country inn – big cushy beds, down comforters and good reading lights. The aft cabin has a king bed and the forward cabin has two twin beds which can be joined. The common or shared areas include a bright, airy salon with easy chairs, a television, lots of books and current newspapers. The galley/dining area has large windows looking out over the canal. There is a shower room and an adjacent toilet room. Both cabins have sinks. (Our cabin is in the fo'csle.)


To see more photos of our barge and her accommodations,

  please click on this link: "Nooit Volmaakt"


We take dining seriously aboard Nooit Volmaakt. We welcome you aboard with dinner the first night with Marc's wonderful magret de canard with cassis - a Burgundian treat. And you'll enjoy a second dinner aboard during your voyage.  We provide breakfast and lunch daily along with French wines, beer, tea, coffee, water and snacks for those who need some fortification while reading or lounging around…

A typical day starts with the aroma of freshly-brewed espresso coffee and maybe some classical music as breakfast tempts you from your slumber. We ease into the day with a substantial, leisurely French style breakfast of locally baked croissants and pastries warm from the oven, muesli, yogurts and fruit...all you need to set you up for the day.

The menu du jour for lunch includes a variety of salads, charcuterie, crusty breads, local cheeses and wines and frequently a hot dish. We select everything carefully to reflect the best of local marketplaces to spark even the most jaded appetite! Lunch is served around our old country table in the salon, on deck or at the side of the canal in a shady oasis. Perhaps we'll take you to a local restaurant in a market square where you can enjoy the slower pace of village life.

After exploring local sights, most guest crew like to gather back at the barge for an aperitif before setting off for dinner to enjoy the best Burgundian cuisine in charming settings, mingling with the locals.

We're always pleased to accommodate special dietary requirements. (Please notify us in advance when booking your cruise.)


Since what we offer is first and foremost about barging, guest crew have the option to lend a hand as we go along. Nothing more strenuous than helping a lock-keeper operating the gates or taking a turn behind the wheel for a photo-op. Crew need to be reasonably agile and vertigo-free, capable of ambling twenty minutes or so to visit a hilltop village or a local restaurant for an evening meal.


Your safety is our primary concern, so we'll provide you with a full safety briefing when we welcome you aboard.


We're pleased to welcome you aboard after 1500 hours on your day of arrival (usually Monday), in time to settle in and  join us for dinner at 1900 hours. We request that your departure (usually Saturday) be before 1000 hours at the close of your trip.


Free internet for email use is available on board in most locations (a few spots along the canal have limited access).  We request that this use be limited to fifteen minutes daily, not only so that all guests have access, but to avoid the temptation to become lost in cyberspace!


We strongly advise you to include sufficient insurance to cover all potential eventualities for your cruise with us. Foreign health care can be expensive and we cannot accept liability for injury, death or disablement from whatever cause while you are travelling with us. We recommend that you consider trip cancellation insurance just in case of an unexpected cancellation.


  • Train schedules are available through the superb French rail site; It is so important to check the schedule carefully, reading the small print, as France has numerous public holidays/celebrations which can interfere with regular train services.
  • Just prior to your arrival please phone us to confirm that we're where we should be!
  • The European train system is superb - fast and punctual. We have a cell phone on board (within France: Just let us know your ETA and we will endeavour to greet you in person at the train/bus station and help you walk your luggage to the barge. (Luggage with wheels is advisable.)



We will not give out or sell our mailing list or pass on any other information about our guest crews. We wouldn't like it. We don't think you would either. We also will not post pictures of you enjoying your cruise on our website without your permission!